Athletics Program at 첥 American

Guiding Vision

첥 American’s Athletic Program offers sporting opportunities at a variety of levels while assisting student athletes to reach their full potential. The competitive and recreational athletic program supports 첥’s Core Values of ingenuity, integrity, compassion, and courage, and fosters the development of Resilience, Outstanding character, Ambition, and Respect (ROAR).

Pathway for Sporting Development

Age-appropriate pathways for athletic development are available for all Woodleigh Campus students across a wide range of individual and team sports. These include badminton, basketball, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, rugby, softball, swimming, tennis, touch rugby, track, and volleyball.


In Elementary the focus is on maximizing participation in sports. Basic skills development, preparing for competition, and encouraging a love for sport are the core objectives. Participants should all be playing the same amount of time during training sessions and competitions.


The focus at this level is building on fundamental skills, understanding the rules of each game, and an introduction to tactical play. Maximum participation by athletes is emphasized not only for their overall growth and welfare, but the continued development of the program. Developmental levels are the foundations for the higher, competitive levels. As such, students in the developmental level receive exposure to competition and basic tactics.


At this level, we continue to develop and refine fundamental skills, but with the expectation of the application and transfer of these skills into all training sessions and competitions. Additionally, students are expected to implement the application of these skills into training sessions and competitions. Participation remains an objective, but additional emphasis is placed on competition and more advanced tactics.


This level represents the pinnacle of the 첥 American pyramid approach to sport, with greater emphasis on being competitive. For championship tournaments, we aim to field our most competitive team. Players earn their game time throughout the season based on their performance in matches and training. We strive to develop complex tactics of the sport and we emphasize commitment, discipline, and dedication to a team.

Sporting connections within Singapore and the South East Asian region


첥 is a member school of the Southeast Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC), an elite Sports and Co-Curricular Activities league with a total of 16 member schools in the region. SEASAC activities include arts, badminton, basketball, cross-country, golf, gymnastics, Model United Nations (MUN), soccer, swimming, rugby, touch rugby, softball, tennis, and volleyball. SEASAC provides opportunities for students to travel and represent 첥 around the region as well as gives our school the honor to host SEASAC events. In 2019-2020, SAIS hosted SEASAC Volleyball where the Lions Girls were promoted into Division 1!


첥 is proud to be a member of the Athletic Conference of Singapore International Schools (ACSIS) and fields teams in this city’s local league for the following ages: U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, 13, U14, U16 and U19.

Seasonal ACSIS and SEASAC sports teams include Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Cross Country, Badminton, Golf, Rugby, Touch Rugby, Volleyball, Swimming, Gymnastics, Softball and Track.